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What is the Monaco Eprix? 

What is the Monaco Eprix?

The Monaco ePrix is your very first ePrix to be stored in Europe. The fifth season of this electric championship will also mark the introduction of the Gen 2, a single-seater common to all groups. Plus d'informations sur le site : . In addition to the power and layout, the range will soon be doubled thanks to a new package offered by McLaren that will prevent the car from being replaced in the middle of the race. Significant changes leading to the implementation of the principles by the FIA.

Organisation of the grand prize and booking

The stands are the ideal place to see the race. Prices vary considerably depending on the location chosen. You can rent space on the roof of a building or among the city's palaces. The Grand Prix organisation sells packs on its website that include a terrace with a view of the start line dishes and unlimited champagne. For your Eprix or Gp Monaco, you have the possibility to contact event agencies to organize your participation. Discover : monaco grand prix packages . Sitting in the stands to wait for the Monaco Grand Prix, what is historic is the promise of a jump into the past with these previous figures, which our humming is enough to make grow. The Former Grand Prix allows all car enthusiasts to participate in some of the most legendary and prestigious car races.

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